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"It has been a real pleasure to work with you guys. I especially appreciate your help recently when I was getting the house ready to sell. (It sold in three days!) Of all the landscapers that helped me since I moved here in 2005, you two are clearly the best.  Don't let anyone tell you that you're too young to get the job done.  I will recommend you highly to the new owners. Thanks for everything."  Michelle & Kevin
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Thanks for visiting Two Brothers Mowing. If you are looking for complete landscaping and lawn care services you've come to the right place!

We are middle and high school students learning the value of hard work through sweat equity. 

Our company started this past summer when our mom and dad told us we couldn't sit around and play video games and watch TV all day. So my brother and I designed business flyers and started knocking on doors around our neighborhood asking if anyone needed any work done around their house. Next thing you know we were hired to mow one-half to five acre lawns, including mulch, trim, hedge, weed whacking and so much more. Now, we serve our customers throughout the year and have complete professional grade landscaping and lawn care equipment for the services we offer. 
Nothing was given to us; so far we have had to earn our own way. That being said, we have learned a lot of life lessons this past summer - the type of lessons that school couldn't teach us.  One of those lessons was understanding how important it is to give back and so we decided to donate a portion of our hard earned money to those who valiantly serve our country. My brother and I will donate 20 cents on every dollar earned to the Wounded Warriors Foundation.  

For the wounded warrior project there are no dues  - nothing was ever given to them, it was earned and paid by wearing the uniform on and off the battlefield.  If you'd like to join us in donating to the Wounded Warriors project please check out the link(s) below.

Thanks again. We look forward to serving you!

- Nathan & Luke